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I am a lover of people and passionate about leading them toward a restored and dignified life. From my own personal life trials, I have great compassion for the homeless, abused, and hurt women. In 2018 I founded Providence Heights, a nonprofit organization with a plan to house women and children in need . I have written a book, "Broken and Beautiful," sharing more about my story and my vision to help women to not only survive but to thrive.



— Lady Brigitte Gabriel, founder and chairwoman, ACT for America; New York Times bestselling author

“Broken and Beautiful is powerful, passionate, and full of divine purpose. You will never look at life the
same after reading it.”

— Joseph Castleberry, Ed.D., President, Northwest University

"As you will read in Broken and Beautiful, my friend Christine Soule has “a Jericho anointing.” The power God has given her by grace allows her to break down people’s walls of fear and insecurity and woundedness and shame. Be prepared to cry. Expect to be broken. But also know that golden wisdom and love will flow into your broken places as you keep reading. When you finish—or better, when God gets finished with you—you will be more beautiful than you ever thought you could be."

—Carrie Abbott, president, The Legacy Institute; host, Relationship Insights Radio

"Christine Soule shares her life story with positive courage, even the most painful and heartbreaking moments. Her contagious joy in revealing the loving Savior who intercedes in her life, in both good and bad moments, fills the pages with surprises and promise."


It would be my honor to speak at your event! One of my greatest passions is to spark enthusiasm and ignite hope in people's lives to believe for great things. I would love nothing more than to connect with your community. I can't wait to meet you, let's change
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providence heights

Providence Heights is a Christian,
non-profit organization. We believe providing housing and a family of collaborative, results-driven care is central to meaningful and lasting change — a place where hope is restored, purpose renewed and sustainable independence is achieved.

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My most recently completed book "Broken and Beautiful" offers women a path to contentment and hope. Whatever you've been through, God has a plan to turn your tragedy into triumph. He knows that in the most broken places of your life, His work shines the

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Be the change you wish  to see in the world 

— Mahatma Gandhi

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