All proceeds from my books go directly towards Providence Heights. Providence Heights is a Christian nonprofit organization that provides housing for women and children in need along with counseling, education, and jobs.

During an ever-changing pandemic, Skyscraper Faith by Christine Soule offers readers
hope and a fresh perspective. Christine shows readers how to stop focusing on the stress of the
unknown and lift their gaze to a God who strengthens them through every trial they face.

Drawing from her colorful life stories and biblical wisdom, Christine guides readers into a
game plan for success during any struggle. Having recently entered a difficult season of trying
to secure a building for Providence Heights, Christine takes the lessons God taught her during
that season of waiting and applies them to the coronavirus pandemic.
Christine found herself restless—wishing things were different, waiting for progress,
wanting the struggle to end, and worrying how it would all turn out. God taught her to channel
her wishing, waiting, wanting and worrying into a new avenue: praying, preparing, providing and
perspective. In Skyscraper Faith, Christine shares how these four shifts transformed her life and
how readers can apply them to whatever setback they face today.
The coronavirus is not just a disruption to be endured until life returns back to normal. It,
along with every trial, is an invitation from God to lay a foundation for skyscraper faith.

2. skyscraper faith

Do you ever feel stuck? Overwhelmed by fear? Do you worry that if people really knew the
secrets you hide, they would reject you? Do you wonder why you’re even here?
The things you hate about your life are the very things that excite God most. Your past doesn’t
repel Him and your present doesn’t intimidate Him—because He knows what He can do with
them! The places where you feel hopeless are exactly what He wants to redeem and fill with
beauty, dignity, and strength. He has a plan for your pain. A wonderful intention for your
failures. A purpose for your hardest, darkest stories.
In Broken and Beautiful, Christine Soule shares the message of hope as she tells how God took
the pieces of her own broken life—childhood abuse, poverty, human trafficking, and
more—and turned them all into breathtaking joy and purpose. Told with honesty and humor,
this is the story of a drug-addicted stripper’s transformation into an exuberant Jesus lover with
a passion for meeting others in their journey and watching God’s love mend them together.

1. Broken & Beautiful

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